A severance is an application process by which one or more new lots are created from an existing property. In order to create a new lot, the application must conform to the relevant policies in the Official Plans, as well as policy set forth by the Province.

To better understand the severance process in the County of Peterborough, please refer to our Land Severance Guide.

Approval Authority

The County of Peterborough has the authority to process and approve applications for severance. Our Director of Planning has the ability to approve applications that are 'straight forward', while our Land Division Committee makes decisions on applications that are 'disputed'.

Severance Review

Before submitting a formal application, the Planning Department strongly recommends that you have our department complete a Preliminary Severance Review for your proposal. This is a free service that can let you know if your proposal conforms to the Official Plans and Provincial policy. You can save a lot of time and money by having a review completed.

For your free Preliminary Severance Review, please fill in the form below as completely as possible and return it to our office along with a sketch of what you intend. Contact information can be found on page three of the form.

If you have questions about this process, the above form, or a general severance inquiry, please contact our Planning Technician.

Application for Severance

Once the review is completed, and if it is positive, you can submit a formal application for severance. If any studies were required to support the application, they will be required at this time. Our Land Division Office will then process the application and send it out to stakeholders for review and comment.

To submit a formal application for severance, please submit the application below along with a sketch of what you intend, the correct number of copies, and the application fee. Further details for submitting the application can be found on the form itself.

If you have questions about the application process, the above form, or want to know the status of an application, please contact our Land Division Secretary-Treasurer.


Please see the fee schedule below for the current application fee for severance. Additional fees apply for other services provided by the Land Division Office, and are required as part of the severance process. These costs are listed on the fee schedule.

You can expect other costs not listed in the fee schedule for supporting studies, public agency review, surveying, legal agreements, peer review and other supporting materials.

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