The role of the Planning Department is to enable and accommodate orderly growth and development in the County of Peterborough. We provide information and advice to local Townships, consultants and the general public on planning matters. Our department is responsible for:

  • Severance approval;
  • Plans of Subdivision and Condominium approvals;
  • Processing applications for, and approving, amendments to the County Official Plan;
  • Approval of amendments to local Township Official Plans;
  • Providing planning services to local Townships;
  • Providing planning advice to County Council


The cost of creating a new lot or going through any application process can vary by application type. Please see the Planning Department’s fee schedule for an up to date list of fees for our services.

Population & Households

Each year the Planning Department compiles population and household counts based on tax assessment information. The number of households in the County of Peterborough has grown steadily since we first started collecting the data in 1988. To see the most recent data, please see the documents below.

For more detailed population, please visit the Statistics Canada Website.

Development Charges

The County has implemented a Development Charges By-Law. The purpose of a Development Charge is to raise revenues from new development to offset the costs incurred by a Municipality as a result of growth.

Mandatory Pre-Consultation

The County has implemented a Mandatory Pre-Consultation By-Law for certain Planning Act Applications in the County of Peterborough. By-Law 2015-04 is available under the Documents & Resources section below and applies to applications for Amendments to the County of Peterborough Official Plan and for applications for Plans of Subdivision/Condominium.


We understand that the planning process can be complicated. We are here to assist you to the best of our ability. If you have a question that is unanswered by the information provided on our website, please feel free to contact us directly.

Documents & Resources